Snap! Space. 1013 E. Colonial, Orlando 32803. MAP IT.
March 28, 3-5PM 

Snap! Space hosted an artist panel conversation with DAN L. HESS, JUAN TRAVIESO, CHRISTOPH MORLINGHAUS and RYAN BUYSSENS (artists info).  They walked us through their work, their process, experiences and interacted with Q & A.


Snap! Formento + Formento Artist Talk

Snap! Space. 1013 E. Colonial, Orlando 32803. MAP IT.
November 22, 5-7PM (past event)

New York photographers Formento + Formento joined us for an artist talk, projection and book signing at Snap! Space. Bj Formento is the light. Richeille Formento is the pigment. Weaving cinematic worlds drenched in sensuality, FORMENTO + FORMENTO produce genre-bending photography that is as conceptually rich as it is precisely crafted. For this series, the Formentos drew their inspiration from 1950’s Japanese cinema, Akira Kurosawa, Araki and Moriyama, as well as Edo woodblock prints and erotic imagery of Ero Guro paintings. BJ Formento was born in Hawaii. He assisted Richard Avedon, Mary Ellen Mark, and Annie Leibovitz, and studied with Eugene Richards and Arnold Newman. Richeille Formento was born in London and attended the prestigious Central St. Martins College of Art before working as an art director and designer in the fashion industry.


Snap! Zun Lee Artist Talk & Book Signing

Snap! Space. 1013 E. Colonial, Orlando 32803. MAP IT.
October 25, 2-4PM (past event)

Zun Lee joined us from Toronto and discuss his series ‘Father Figure’ and signed copies of his newly released book ‘Father Figure – Exploring Alternate Notions of Black Fatherhood’ (September 19, 2014.) Zun Lee is an award-winning photographer in Toronto, Canada who was named onto PDN’s 30 List in 2014. His intimate visual storytelling centers on uncovering unseen aspects of identity and representation in marginalized communities. Questions around identity play a pivotal role in his latest project Father Figure, for which Zun used his personal journey of discovery and identity formation to examine manifestations of Black fatherhood largely ignored by mainstream media. Lee was born in Germany to what he thought was both a Korean mother and father. As a boy he learned the truth: his black father left his mother upon learning she was pregnant. The hardcover book to Father Figure was featured in the New York Times and other publications as well as shortlisted for the 2014 Paris Photo Aperture First Photobook Prize.


Snap! Fashion Photography Workshop

Snap! Space. 1013 E. Colonial, Orlando 32803. MAP IT.
July 27, 2-6PM (past event)

A Hands-on Training in Fashion Photography. Fashion photographer Michael Giragosian taught how to go about shooting and submitting a fashion editorial. He worked with his editorial team : Stylist – Tammara Kohler, Hair – Angel Cardona, Makeup – Sheri Michelle, along with model Ariana Lopez. This seminar was shooting intensive with instruction from Michael.

Introduction : The importance of creating a team, theme and casting, composition. Shooting time : Each student 1-1.5 hr : directing, working in your surroundings, composition, creating the story. Editing 1/2 – 1 hr : How to select your images, review, submission guidelines..


Snap! Artist Day

Snap! Space. 1013 E. Colonial, Orlando 32803. MAP IT.
June 07, 12-5:30PM (past event)

Elise Bloom at 2:00 PM, Wendy Sacks at 2:30 PM, Heather Evans Smith at 3:00 PM, Fahan Sky McDonagh at 3:30 PM, Sydney Cash at 4:00 PM and Thomas Dodd at 4:30 PM (Wendy, Heather, Sydney and Thomas via Skype) walked us through their work, their process, experiences and interacted with Q & A.


Thomas ‘Thor’ Thorspecken

Snap! Space. 1013 E. Colonial, Orlando 32803. MAP IT.
March 29, 12-3PM (past event)

Artist Talk & Book Signing of ‘Urban Sketching’ with Thor.

Thor explained his vision, his process and walked us through the key images in his retrospective exhibit, ‘A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW.’  He signed books after the tour and talk. Guests were given a list of questions when they arrived. The answers were found by scanning the QR codes on the exhibited sketch labels, linking to Analog Artist Digital World articles. The winner received a signed copy of the book.


Jennifer Schwarz and David Bram

Snap! Space.  1013 E. Colonial, Orlando 32803. MAP IT.
March 01-02, 10AM-1PM (past event)

Flash Powder Projects Workshop. One day workshop offered on Saturday, March 1 and again on Sunday, March 2.

The Flash Powder Workshop gives photographers valuable knowledge and guidance on how to move their careers forward, establish goals for their work, and develop plans to launch photographic projects.  Jennifer Schwartz (creator/director of Crusade for Art) and David Bram (editor, founder, and curator of Fraction Magazine) each have unique and complimentary skill sets and photographic backgrounds.

David’s specialties include editing and sequencing work, social media, and online exposure opportunities. David Bram has reviewed portfolios at over 20 national events including PhotoLucida, Fotofest, PhotoNOLA, Atlanta Celebrates Photography, Review LA and Review Santa Fe. Jennifer’s areas of expertise are artist statements, navigating traditional avenues for exposure, and thinking strategically and creatively to determine target audiences and build collectors. She formerly owned and directed a fine art photography gallery in Atlanta, the Jennifer Schwartz Gallery, for five years.

Three-hour workshop limited to 25 participants per day. $175 per person.