‘Perception & Reality’ Digital Exhibition at Snap! Downtown. MAP IT

Friday, April 28, 2017, 7-10PM:
Snap! Orlando, in collaboration with United Arts of Central Florida, presents ‘Perception and Reality II‘, featuring interactive art, virtual reality and immersive art installations, digital and 3D art exhibitions in the three galleries, at Snap! Downtown. Artists include Ginger Leigh, Nathan Selikoff, John Hiigli, Ryan Buyssens, along with live Tilt Brush virtual reality artist demonstrations (on opening night). Through July 1, 2017. .
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SNAP! SPACE PRESENTS ‘LE SALON 2017′ : March 17, 2017

lesalonWeb copy
‘Le Salon’ yearly exhibition at Snap! Space.

Friday, March 17, 2017:
Notions of culture, beauty, fashion, and perception collide at Snap! Orlando’s annual showcase of international and regional artists. The exhibition provides viewers with a unique opportunity to revisit past exhibitions while discovering new works. ‘Le Salon 2017’ features an array of mediums, styles, and artistic subjects ranging from iconic fashion and portrait photography to poignant, universal themes relating to the human experience. ‘Le Salon 2017’ offers art consultations and procurement options for a variety of clients. Inquiries, contact: Through August 26, 2017.  Snap! Space, 1013 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, 32803.



‘Virunga’ Photography Exhibition at Snap! Downtown.

Friday, February 17, 2017:
VIRUNGA is Africa’s oldest National Park, one of the most bio-diverse places in the world, and home to the last of the mountain gorillas.  Adam Kiefer is an Orlando based conservation photographer whose work has taken him to Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, since 2013.  Featured in OG1 and OG2 galleries are artists Ya La’Ford, Jaime Margary, and Peterson Guerrier. Through April 22, 2017. .
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Dr. Deborah Willis Lecture at Rollins.

Saturday, February 04, 2017:
Snap! Orlando presents a lecture by Dr. Deborah Willis at Rollins College SunTrust Auditorium, co sponsored by the Cornell Fine Arts Museum. This lecture is in conjunction with the ‘Posing Beauty in African American Culture’ exhibition at Snap! Space (on view January 13-February 11) curated by Dr. Deborah Willis. Lecture at Rollins College. .
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Photo by Emily Jourdan: Dinner with the Curator at Snap! Space.

Friday, February 03, 2017:
Snap! Space presents an evening with Dr. Deborah Willis, curator of “Posing Beauty in African American Culture” exhibition, on view at at Snap! Space. This exclusive event hosts 73 SEATS! 7 PM – Cocktail hour with private tour of exhibition. 8 PM – Dinner in the gallery with curator Dr. Deborah Willis. Snap! Space, 1013 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, 32803.
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Photo by Emily Jourdan: Exhibition Opening at Snap! Space.

January 13, 2017:
Snap! Space presents ‘Posing Beauty in African American Culture,’ exploring the contested ways in which African and African American beauty have been represented in historical and contemporary contexts through a diverse range of media including photography, film, video, fashion, advertising, and other forms of popular culture such as music and the Internet. Posing Beauty in African American Culture challenges contemporary understandings of beauty by framing notions of aesthetics, race, class, and gender within art, popular culture, and politics. Curated by Dr. Deborah Willis. Snap! Space, 1013 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, 32803.
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Photo by Michael Rothwell, ‘Façades’ Public Art by Dana Hargrove

October 20, 2016:
The 420 East Building and Snap! Orlando presented SIX PUBLIC ART PANELS by artist Dana Hargrove. Inspired by travels through metropolitan areas, Hargrove’s work highlight the unification of space that maintains a façade of controlled seamlessness. Snap! Downtown, 420 E. Church Street. Orlando, 32801.



Photo by Emily Jourdan, Roger Ballen at Snap! Space.

October 08, 2016:
Snap! Space in collaboration with Steven Benson and the Southeast Museum of Photography presents Roger Ballen, 40 years retrospective. Roger Ballen joined us on opening night, spoke about his iconic works on exhibition, and signed books. On view through Dec. 17, 2016. Snap! Space, 1013 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, 32803.
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SNAP! DOWNTOWN : ‘UNISON’ : October 05, 2016

Photo by Red Huber, at Snap! Downtown.

October 05, 2016:
Snap! Downtown presents an exclusive photography exhibition featuring photographers from The New York Times, Orlando Sentinel, Reuters, Getty Images, AP documenting the Orlando Pulse tragedy aftermath, and vigils and events around the world. Opening during Orlando Pride Week 2016, with special guest, Commissioner Patty Sheehan. Curated by Patrick & Holly Kahn, and Ryan Julison. Sponsored by Jill & Robert Palmer. Snap! Downtown, 420 E. Church St. Orlando, 32801.
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Photo Emily Jourdan, at Snap! Space.

September 10, 2016:
An interactive Artist Talk via Skype with artists Nicolas Senegas (France), Cristina Troufa (Portugal), David Cata (Spain), Roger Weiss (Switzerland), Marwane Pallas (France), Jorg Heidenberger (Germany). Saturday September 10, 2-6 PM. Snap! Space, 1013 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, 32803.
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Photo Melissa Berrios. ‘Form in Light’ Opening at Snap! Downtown.

August 5, 2016:
Snap! Downtown presents: ‘Form in Light.’ Visions of beauty in nature, habitat and urbanism. SNAP! DOWNTOWN GALLERY : ‘Form in Light’ featuring works by Drew Doggett and Luis Lazo. OG1 GALLERY : ‘Dans la Nature’ featuring works by Tom Chambers, Elicia Edijanto, Martin Stranka. OG2 GALLERY : ‘Intersection’ featuring works by Michael Rothwell.  Snap! Downtown, 420 E. Church Street. Orlando, 32801.
Exhibit Info | Opening event | Installation Snap! Downtown  | Installation OG1  | Installation OG2



Photo Tina Craig. ‘Corpus’ Opening at Snap! Space.

June 24, 2016:
A contemporary representation of the human body, reflected by seven international artists. The body has figured prominently in the creative expression of nearly all cultures from the beginning of civilization. Through art, the body becomes a site for defining individual identity and experimenting with the nature of representation itself, sometimes with the artists using their own bodies in their creative process. Artists: Roger Weiss (Switzerland), Nicolas Senegas (France), Cristina Troufa (Portugal), David Cata (Spain), Jörg Heidenberger (Germany), Marwane Pallas (France). Exhibition curated by Holly and Patrick Kahn. Snap! Space, 1013 E. Colonial Dr. Orlando, 32803.
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Gallery Tour with Artists, at Snap! Downtown.

June 11, 2016:
Snap! Downtown, OG1 and OG2 Galleries tour led by artists Dana Hargrove, Alicia Soltani, Rafael Tongol, Cherree Mallette, and Krista Berman. Snap! Downtown’s current exhibit ‘Constructed Abstractions‘ includes photography, painting, and digital art, connecting form, color, line, texture and space. Snap! Downtown, 420 E. Church Street. Orlando, 32801.
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Photo by Beth Masi Hobart. Panel Discussion at Snap! Downtown.

June 02, 2016:
A special evening edition of ‘What’s Up Downtown’ focusing on creative placemaking, an evolving field that leverages the power of the arts, culture and creativity to serve a community’s interest while driving change, growth and transformation in a way that also builds character and quality of place. Panel of speakers: Executive Director of the City of Orlando’s Downtown Development Board/Community Redevelopment Agency, Thomas C. Chatmon Jr.; Founder & President of Orlando City Soccer Club, Phil Rawlins; Founder of Snap! Orlando Patrick Kahn; Principal, Brand Strategy & Communications of Baker Barrios Architects & Chair of the Downtown Arts District, Shanon Larimer; Vice Chair of the Downtown Arts District, Tiffany Sanders. Moderator Michael McLeod. Snap! Downtown, 420 E. Church Street. Orlando, 32801.
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Photo by Tina Craig. Formento Dinner Event, at Snap! Space.

May 12, 2016:
Snap! Space presented ‘Flavors of Formento,’ an intimate evening with Richeille & BJ Formento, exploring their photographic series in America, Cuba, Mexico, Japan and India. Cocktail hour with exhibit tour, dinner prepared by Chef Kim Pearson, and a chance to participate behind the scenes with Formento + Formento in an upcoming photoshoot of their Miami series, Hysteria (see BTS video). A fundraiser for Snap! Cultural Events, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, whose mission to celebrate master photographers, cultivate emerging talent, and enhance the cultural vibrancy of the City of Orlando.
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Photo by Tina Craig. Opening at Snap! Downtown, featuring works by Reine Paradis.

April 29, 2016:
Snap! Downtown opened three new exhibitions on April 29. The exhibits are housed in our three spaces, Snap! Downtown, OG1 and OG2, in the 420 East building. SNAP! DOWNTOWN Gallery : ‘Constructed Abstractions’ – featuring artworks by Reine Paradis, Stephane Fedorowsky, Dana Hargrove, and Shelley Lake. The works, which include photography, painting, and digital art, connect form, color, line, texture and space. Curated by Holly and Patrick Kahn. OG1 Gallery : ‘L’Eau et La Terre’ (Water and Earth) – featuring Rafael Tongol, Heather Evans Smith, Alicia Soltani, and Cherree Mallette. Curated by Holly and Patrick Kahn. OG2 Gallery : ‘Interplay’ – works by Krista Berman. Curated by Gina Bernadini.
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FORMENTO+FORMENTO : April 15, 2016

Photo by Monhand Mathurin. BJ and Richeille Formento on opening night, at Snap! Space.

April 15, 2016:
Snap! Space presents ‘CINEMATIC CHRONICLES,’ a solo exhibit of Formento + Formento’s works in America, Japan, Cuba and India, as well as a showcase of their short film ‘Voyage,’ presented at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. The husband-wife team, Richeille and Bj Formento, have made an art of their unique strain of photography. Exuding an eerie sensuality combined with a narrative cinematic sensibility, the ambiguous nature of the characters and scenarios remind us of David Lynch and Hopper-esque landscapes. Inquiries/appts :
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SNAP! LE SALON 2016 : February 18, 2016

Photo by Tina Craig, featuring works by Isabelle Chapuis.

February 18, 2016:
Snap!’s yearly showcase with highlights from previous exhibits, introduction of new works. Artists include Szymon Brodziak, Trong Gia Nguyen, Isabelle Chapuis, Formento+Formento, Matthew Schofield, Jim Kazanjian, Natan Dvir, Kristian Schuller, Dina Litovsky, Mike Saijo, Mei Xian Qiu, Heather Evans Smith, Tom Chambers, Douglas Kirkland, Marco Gallotta, Cheyco Leidmann, Marc Schmidt, James Black, Sean Black, Steffi Jung, Nicolas Senegas, Stephane Fedorowsky, Ricky Powell, Dan L. Hess, Martin Stranka, Andrew Soria and Nathan Selikoff. Art consultations and procurement inquiries/appts :


SNAP! DOWNTOWN OPENING : January 21, 2016

Snap! Downtown, featuring works by Mark Gmehling. Photo by Robert Bartlett.

January 21, 2016:
Grand opening of Snap! Downtown, Snap!’s second Central Florida location, at the 420 EAST building, with three galleries, SNAP! DOWNTOWN (main gallery, exhibiting MARK GMEHLING, and sculpturings works by REBECCA ROSE), OG1 (Orlando Gallery 1, exhibiting CHRIS ROBB) and OG2 (Orlando Gallery 2, exhibiting EARL FUNK).
Exhibit Info | Opening Event | Installation (Snap! Downtown) | Installation (OG1)


‘ORLANDO URBAN SAFARI': November 21 and 22, 2015

At Orlando.

November 21 and 22, 2015:
On the evenings following the WILD IS THE WIND opening, Julien Nonnon and Snap! Space invited attendees to participate in a behind-the-scenes view of the making of the next Urban Safari. Locations and times were posted the day of the event on Snap! Space’s Facebook page turning the event into a sort of scavenger hunt. If those seeking to view the projections were more than 10 minutes late, they risked missing certain images.


‘WILD IS THE WIND’ : November 20, 2015

Photo by Tina Craig, featuring works by Heather Evans Smith.

Friday November 20, 2015: ‘Wild Is The Wind’
Snap! Space presents ‘Wild Is The Wind,’ an unconventional visual exploration of freedom and innocence by selected international photographers and contemporary artists. The exhibition captures an ethereal sense of the interaction between humankind, native environments, and the creatures that inhabit them, through the inspired work of celebrated international artists. This mutimedia exhibit, including photography, digital art, projection, oil painting, and water color, curated by Holly and Patrick Kahn, features works by Julien Nonnon, Tom Chambers, Heather Evans Smith, Cameron Bloom, Martin Stranka, Elicia Edijanto and David Olivera.
Exhibit Info | Opening Event | Installation


‘COUTURE CULTURE’ : September 18, 2015

Photo by Tina Craig, featuring works by Cheyco Leidmann.

September 18, 2015: ‘Couture Culture’
Snap! Space presents ‘COUTURE CULTURE,’ an exhibit which at once idealizes and deconstructs the notion of fashion and beauty. Featuring works from renowned international fine art artists / photographers, Couture Culture presents diverse viewpoints on beauty and its evolution through the 20th and 21st centuries. Curated by Holly & Patrick Kahn, the exhibit is on view through Nov. 7, 2015.
Exhibit Info | Opening Event | Installation


‘YOU ARE HERE’ : May 01-31, 2015

Photo by Tina Craig, featuring works by Marc Schmidt.

May 01-31, 2015 : ‘YOU ARE HERE’
Snap! Orlando produced for the first time in Orlando a photographic arts festival which brought together the city’s flourishing creative community, established arts institutions, and emerging art centers through 31 days of programming.  ‘YOU ARE HERE,’ a city/statewide and month-long event, engaged guests in social, historical, and artistic conversations through photography, visual arts, and film. The event took place in 25 locations throughout the city of Orlando, with exhibits/events also occurring in Tampa, Daytona and Melbourne. ‘YOU ARE HERE’ was comprised of exhibitions, lectures, experimental media, and workshops that compel audiences to celebrate place and community building, while showcasing the energized core of Orlando’s thriving arts and culture movement.
‘YOU ARE HERE’ Website | Exhibit Info | Installation | Opening Event


‘STRUCTURE & PERSPECTIVE’ : March 13, 2015

Photo by Tina Craig, featuring artwork by Dan L. Hess.

March 13, 2015: ‘Structure & Perspective’
‘STRUCTURE & PERSPECTIVE’ examines the intersection of organic and man made forms such as those found in the distinction of body forms and building forms. Curated by Patrick & Holly Kahn, ‘STRUCTURE & PERSPECTIVE’ features the works of 13 international renowned fine art photographers, painters and sculptors. Artists in attendance.
Exhibit Info | Installation | Opening Event

SNAP! MIAMI presents ‘ENTRE NOUS’ : Dec 02, 2014

Snap! Miami installation, featuring artwork by Marc Lagrange.

December, 2014: ‘Entre Nous’
Snap! Miami/Snap! Orlando in partnership with Opiom Gallery and CU-1 Gallery present ‘ENTRE NOUS,’ featuring the works of Tim Flach, Guido Argentini, Nick Veasey, Marc Lagrange, JeeYoung Lee, Kim Joon, Zhu Ming, Olivier Valsecchi, Dean West, Stephan Zirwes, David Begbie, and Carole A. Feuerman. Opening during Art Basel Miami Week.
Exhibit Info | Installation


‘IDENTITY’ : October 24, 2014

Photo by Tina Craig, featuring artwork by Mei Xian Qiu.

October 24, 2014 : ‘Identity’
Identity is the perceived character of a place or a people, based on cultural and social manifestations. It is both inherited and constantly evolving. It creates local distinctiveness and a “sense of place.” Curated by Patrick & Holly Kahn, this exhibit features the works of nine national and international renowned fine art photographers and artists.
Exhibit Info | Installation | Opening Event | Opening Part 2


SNAP! AFTER DARK 2 : October 10, 2014

Photo by Tina Craig, featuring violinist Jose Navarro.

October 10, 2014 : Snap! After Dark 2
Second installation of our social evening in a salon setting with live interactive Snap! Fashion Photoshoot™, live performances, DJ sets, exotic spirits, exceptional art and video projections. Live Fashion Shoot and performance by violinist Jose Navarro.
Event Pictures


SNAP! MIAMI presents ‘ALL ABOUT WARHOL’ : September 19, 2014

Photo by Emily Jourdan featuring the works of Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg.

September 19, 2014 : Snap! Miami : ‘ALL ABOUT WARHOL’
A personal vision of ‘ The Hilton Brothers,’ a collaboration between photographers Christopher Makos + Paul Solberg as seen in their celebrity portraits of Andy Warhol, along with Ai Weiwei, Tom Ford, Debbie Harry, Lou Reed, Georgia O’Keefe & others. The exhibit also features select intimate photographs of Warhol from William John Kennedy: The Warhol Museum Edition.
Installation | Opening Event | Opening Part 2


SNAP! AFTER DARK :  August 1, 2014

Photo by Tina Craig, featuring the signature live Snap! Fashion Shootout™.

August 1, 2014 : Snap! After Dark
A social evening in a salon setting with live interactive Snap! Fashion Photoshoot™, soulful music performances, summer beats, exotic spirits, exceptional art and video projections. LIVE FASHION SHOOT • Live performance by PALMER REED and TRULY DEF.
Event Pictures


‘SNAP! ATTACKS!’ : June 20, 2014

Photo by Emily Jourdan, featuring the work of Zofia Bogusz.

June 20, 2014 : Snap! Attacks!
A cutting edge contemporary and figurative art show from the combined curatorial forces of Snap! Orlando ( and Art Attacks ( featuring photography, painting, illustration, mixed media, sculpture and video installation with internationally renowned artists in attendance. Featuring special guest from Germany Mark Gmehling brought by Snap! Orlando and special guest from San Francisco Stacey Ransom of Ransom & Mitchell brought by Art Attacks!
Opening Event |  Opening Part 2


‘EDGE OF A DREAM’ : May 02, 2014

Photo by Kelly Canovas, featuring the work of Richard Tuschman.

May 02, 2014 : Edge of A Dream
Exploring the fine line between figurative narratives, reverie and the familiarity of reality … resembling a dream. The exhibit features the works of eight nationally renowned fine art photographers, along with sculpture,  and jewelry.
Exhibit Info | Installation | Opening Event


‘A CERTAIN POINT OF VIEW’ : Friday, March 21, 2014

Photo by Tina Craig, featuring the work of Thomas Thorspecken.

Friday, March 21, 2014 : A Certain Point Of View
Retrospective art exhibit of urban legend Thomas Thorspecken, known as ‘Thor’ (Analog Artist Digital World), and introducing photographer James A. Harper. An illustrator and journalist, Thor acts as a human camera, recording events and posting daily sketches on his digital diary. Snap! Space also presents ‘Mountains of Florida’ by Award winning artist James A. Harper who photographs construction sites in a way that makes them appear as unexpectedly beautiful mountain scenes.
Opening Event


Opening of ‘TAKING FLIGHT’ : February 21, 2014

Photo by Emily Jourdan, featuring the work of Patricia Van De Camp.

February 21, 2014 : Taking Flight Opening Night
‘TAKING FLIGHT’ examines the transitional and transformative state of an idea, an individual, or a collective as it evolves into a distinctive form or realization. An unconfined and unrestrained existence arises to come into being. The exhibit features the works of three international fine art photographers, two national and two local fine artists, with sculpture, multimedia installation, and jewelry art.
Exhibit Info | InstallationOpening Event


Snap! Space Grand Opening : January 17-19, 2014

Photos by Gian Carlo Brand, featuring the work of Billy & Hells.

January 18, 2014  : Vintage Nouveau Opening Night
Snap! Space’s opening exhibit and installation celebrated the rebirth of the historic Cameo Theater with the work of 12 international photographers, along with sculpture, design, jewelry, and fashion arts. ‘VINTAGE NOUVEAU’ showcased works from the legendary photographers who captured the stars of Hollywood and rock-and-roll, and introduced bold images from rising stars in fashion photography.
Exhibit Info | Installation | Opening Event




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